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Tony Kouzarides

The Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge

Title: Modifications of RNA: their function and role in cancer

Tony Kouzarides is deputy director of the Gurdon Institute, a founding non-executive director of Abcam and a Professor of Cancer Biology at the University of Cambridge.

Kouzarides studied Genetics at the University of Leeds and moved to the University of Cambridge for his PhD in 1985. Following his PhD, Kouzarides did postdoctoral work at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology on the cancer potential of cytomegalovirus. He then moved to New York University Medical Centre, before returning to Cambridge.

Kouzarides' lab at the Gurdon Institute focuses on epigenetic modifications and cancer, looking at characterising the pathways that mediate and control DNA, RNA and histone modifications. His lab is trying to understand the cellular processes they regulate, their mechanism of action and their involvement in cancer. The lab's recent work on histone modifications has led to the identification of a novel histone phosphorylation site that triggers DNA damage checkpoint recovery.

Kouzarides was elected a member of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2001 and a Fellow of the Royal Society 2012. He was awarded the Sanofi-Cell Research Outstanding Paper Award of 2011 for his paper on Regulation of chromatin by histone modifications, co-authored with Andrew Bannister, and the Heinrich Wieland Prize for his pioneering "research on gene regulation and cancer" in 2013.