Group of people having a conversation in an exhibition, tinted red.

Cut + Paste Nights - 21 June 2023

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  • Start time: 18:00 End time: - 20:30
  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
  • Event Type: Public Event

About Cut + Paste Nights

Join us for a free series of evening encounters to take a deep dive into some of the most captivating areas challenging what it means to being human in today’s world.  

Each week we’ll be welcoming in special guests alongside our scientists from the Crick, to explore the topic of genome editing (the ability to change our DNA) from different and unique perspectives.

Enjoy a free alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, explore the Cut+ Paste exhibition, and get crafty with our hands-on activity!

If you have any access requirements, you can get in touch with us via

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People like us: what genome editing means for people with inherited conditions

Genome editing has the potential to eradicate genetic disease, but where do we draw the line? Who decides what counts as a 'disease', what we should 'cure' and what we should keep? 

Join us for an evening encounter with philosopher Tarun Gidwani and writer Joe Rizzo Naudi, who both have genetic conditions, to explore what genome editing could mean for them.

Joe Rizzo Naudi is an Arts Council-funded writer and facilitator from London. 

Tarun Gidwani is a PhD student in philosophy and a teaching assistant at King's College in London. He is also a political activist and a writer - engaging with climate justice, global inequities in access to healthcare, and inter-ethnic harmony.