Excited young child in front of at able with vegetables

Discovery Day

Join us at the Crick on 11 June for a packed day of pop-up science fun! Admission is free. Show up when you like, stay for as long as you like.

From exciting experiments and hands-on activities, to explosive science shows and family fun…a world of discovery awaits.

  • Create your own fake poo
  • Become a maker and manipulate sound
  • Are you a ‘super-smeller’? Take the sniff challenge and find out!
  • Design your own take home DNA bracelets
  • Become a DNA detective for the day 
  • Meet our amazing scientists

Plus food, drink, talks and much more…

Gross science! Amazing bodies!

Highlights include...

Young children with a look of shock with a researcher. Parent is taking a picture

Make a poo

Create your own fake poo and learn about all of the bugs that live in your tummy

Young child in front of eight different fruits, including a banana and a strawberry, that are each attached to a wire.

The Making Lab

Our Making Lab makes devices to help scientists do their experiments. Become a maker with them, and control light, sound and liquids!

Blindfolded person holding their nose.

Are you a super-smeller? 

Take the sniff challenge to find out if you’re a super-smeller and discover how the brain helps us decipher different smells

Young child standing next to a researcher with a bowl of bracelet-making materials

DNA detective

Investigate the different DNA of our ancestors and discover how humans have changed over time.

Two children and an adult smiling with bottles containing different-coloured liquids on a table.

Body Building

Explore how the body builds the variety of cells we need to function, each with different shapes and jobs. Follow the recipe to find out how scientists grow different kinds of cells in the lab

Presenter holding something that's emitting a large cloud of water vapour, while a child looks on.

Science shows

Enjoy our explosive science shows, where science presenter Dan Plane will blow you away with his fantastic experiments. These shows will have a BSL interpreter.

Speaker standing on a staircase presenting to a group of people

Pop-up talks

Our series of 10-minute talks throughout the day will explore a variety of scientific topics, from dividing cells to hacking cell phones. These talks will have a BSL interpreter.

Your bike project

Your Bike Project

Use your pedal power to make a delicious, healthy smoothie. Our local partners YourBikeProject CIC are bringing their bike smoothie machine to Discovery Day, so hop on and pedal your way to a free smoothie!

The St Pancras & Somers Town Living Centre

Citrus Saturdays

Fancy a free lemonade? Then come find the Citrus Saturdays pop-up - a lemonade stall run by local young people from Somers Town Youth Project. Pop by, say hi and get your free lemonade between 11:00-15:00!

A Space for Us. People's Museum Somers Town. www.aspaceforus.club.

Somers Town History

Join the People’s Museum Somers Town short guided walks throughout the day and hear about our rich local history of radicals, reformers and un-common people.

Global Generation

Global Generation

Get your green fingers ready...our local partners Global Generation will be joining us with plants or seeds to take home between 11:00 and 15:00.

Kindle Corner logo

Kindle Corner

Read aloud with our local friends Kindle Corner! Explore an engaging science story - today a reader, tomorrow a science leader.