Education outreach

Women in STEM event

Camden secondary school students finding out more about Women in STEM ©Wellcome Images

Today's students live in a world where new discoveries and technologies surround them; we aim to help them understand, challenge and embrace these advances. At a time when the UK has a shortage of young people aspiring to jobs in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), we also hope to increase the number of those entering science-related careers.

We have developed our education outreach programme in consultation with teachers, community groups, and leading science education organisations.

Our education outreach programme fosters children's engagement with science and STEM professionals. The young people we work with will have the chance to take part in Crick activities and meet our staff and collaborators every year of their school career, from the early stages at primary school to when they leave school/college.

The programme incorporates hands-on investigation, discussion events, work experience and teacher training. Many of these activities take place in the Weston Discovery Lab, a purpose-built space for school students in the Crick, or our Discovery Zone, at nearby Regent High School.

Currently we focus on schools in our local borough of Camden, along with other schools with which we have existing links.

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  • Through our education outreach programme we hope to encourage more young people to follow a STEM career. 
  • Our programme includes hands-on investigation, discussion events, work experience and teacher training.