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Craft and graft

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Past exhibition Start and end dates for exhibition: 1 Mar 2019 to 8 Feb 2020

How do you feed a million fruit flies? How does an eyelash become a scientific tool? Take a look behind the scenes at Britain's biggest lab to discover the astonishing methods driving the latest biomedical advances.

More than a thousand scientists work in the laboratories of the Crick, working together on biomedical research with the potential to transform our health and our lives. Their vital work would be impossible without the teams of specialist technicians who perform incredible feats every day to move us closer to new discoveries.

Let us introduce you to the fly breeders, laser guiders, cell growers, tech fixers and even bottle washers that make the science happen.

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  • Event name: Craft and graft
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Entry type Free exhibition
  • Location Craft & Graft closed on 8 February 2020.
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