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The in-person component of this exhibition has now closed

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A myriad of intriguing patterns exist throughout the natural world, many of which are visible to the naked eye.

For biomedical researchers at the Crick, however, the patterns they seek are minute cellular and molecular forms. They are also extraordinarily dynamic: they grow, shrink, move, connect, break and rearrange.

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Deconstructing Patterns provides a glimpse into three intricate developmental patterns studied at the Crick, each one introduced by a unique artwork. In this context, deconstruction is a fundamentally creative process. By taking patterns apart, both the artists and scientists are seeking new insights into the puzzle of how the complexity of the human body arises.


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This new science exhibition is led by three unique artist commissions, which were developed through extensive conversations and close collaborations with Crick researchers. The resulting artworks offer alternative ways of exploring and describing the microscopic patterns that so intrigue our scientists. They take the form of a poetry and soundscape piece by Sarah Howe and Chu-Li Shewring, a sculpture and film by Helen Pynor and a film created by a young filmmaking group called KaleiKo.

Explore snap-shots of the collaborations below:

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