Open for discovery

The in-person component of this exhibition has now closed

Open for Discovery exhibition



This public exhibition presented an honest portrait of scientific discovery - the setbacks, the happy accidents, the slow incremental progress and the big leaps forward.

The exhibition ran from from 20 April 2017 to 28 October 2017.

The exhibition took an in-depth look at several ground-breaking discoveries across a range of research areas, including flu, cancer and tuberculosis. Through examples from the Crick's own research, the exhibition shows discovery as a human endeavour - from initial curiosity and inquisitiveness, through perseverance, determination and patience, to the excitement and celebration of new advances.

Viewing the exhibition

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    Open for Discovery closed on 28 October 2017.


Standard content

Science in conversation: Influenza

Listen to John Skehel, Emeritus Scientist and former Director of both the Worldwide Influenza Centre and the National Institute for Medical Research, followed by John McCauley, current Director of the Worldwide Influenza Centre, and Peter Rosenthal, Group Leader of the Structural Biology of Cells and Viruses Laboratory, discussing the benefits of collaborating with labs using different analytical tools.

Focus:  TB

Listen to Anne O’Garra, Senior Group Leader of the Immunoregulation and Infection Laboratory, and Luiz Carvalho, Group Leader of the Mycobacterial Metabolism and Antibiotic Research Laboratory, discuss current challenges in diagnosing and treating TB.

Science in conversation: Open Research

Listen to Paul Nurse, Director of the Francis Crick Institute, discuss benefits and methods of supporting open-ended research.

Science in conversation: Cancer complexity and the Crick

Listen to Erik Sahai, Group Leader of the Tumour Cell Biology Laboratory, followed by Adrian Hayday, Group Leader of the Immunosurveillance Laboratory, Ilaria Malanchi, Group Leader of the Tumour-Host Interaction Laboratory, and Charlie Swanton, Group Leader of the Translational Cancer Therapeutics Laboratory, discuss why cancer is so difficult to treat and the importance of collaboration between scientists and clinicians.

Science in conversation: growth factors

Listen to Julian Downward, Senior Group Leader of the Oncogene Biology Laboratory, and Matthew Coelho, a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, discuss the experience of making scientific discoveries and the differences between being a young researcher in the 1980s and in 2017.

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