Meet our scientists


Crick scientists have been answering your questions about their research, life in the lab and anything else you wanted to ask them about!

Güneş normally studies how animals develop their ovaries, but lately she's been working on COVID-19 testing. She answered your questions about becoming a scientist, working with chickens, and how you deactivate viruses.

Meet Pooja - she's a PhD student who works on detecting bugs and bacteria in ancient skeletons! She answered your questions about working with skeletons and teeth, ancient diseases and why she first became interested in science.

Mariya is a scientist at the Crick and an eye doctor. She answered your questions about colour blindness, whether COVID-19 affects your eyes, and how we see the world around us.

Scientist Steinar studies viruses and was helping with COVID-19 testing at the Crick. He answered your questions about what viruses look like, where the name coronavirus came from, and how vaccines work.

Catch up on our live shows

The BBC's Greg Foot chatted to Crick scientists Jasmine and Aaron live on YouTube last summer. But don't worry if you missed the livestreams - you can watch the recordings here.