Seminar in the Crick's auditorium.

 Crick virtual meeting | Hard X-ray imaging of biological soft tissues

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  • Start time: 12:00 End time: - 18:30
  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
  • Event Type: Virtual

 The aim of this half day meeting is to consider what is currently achievable with existing techniques and to explore where advancements can be made in the short and medium term. Leading scientists in the field will highlight the questions currently being addressed using hard X-ray imaging techniques, volume electron microscopy and their combination with other imaging modalities, with a forward look to areas of opportunity becoming accessible as a result of the recent and upcoming synchrotron upgrades. We expect an exciting day filled with science focused talks and lively discussions on how the field will develop over the next few years.

 Sessions will cover:

  • Correlative multimodal imaging using hard X-rays
  • Exploring the limits of X-ray imaging
  • X-ray modalities: ptychographic tomography, holotomography, full-field tomography
  • Sample preparation and large-scale volume electron microscopy
  • Round table: what are the bottlenecks?

 Detailed programme to follow.


Darren Batey

Moritz Helmstaedter

David Kastner

Yannick Schwab

Claire Walsh


Marie-Christine Zdora