Light Microscopy area at the Crick.

Introduction to multiphoton microscopy

Part of the series of introductory seminars on light microscopy techniques from the Crick Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) team, running 15 October - 10 November 2019.

The seminar will recall some principles of fluorescence and aspects of optics in order to explain how multiphoton microscopy differs from conventional confocal microscopy (excitation/emission spectra, laser scanning and obtainment of optical sectioning).

Seminar objectives: After the seminar the attendees should be able to understand the differences between multiphoton microscopy and other techniques (e.g wide-field, confocal, light-sheet microscopy), being aware of the applicability to their own experiments and how to practically activate themselves to introduce multiphoton microscopy in their own research projects (know which systems are available, how to receive induction and assistance from Light Microscopy STP).

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