Luxendo imaging workshop

Crick-Luxendo Light-sheet Microscopy Workshop

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  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
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Light-sheet microscopy is a growing technology ideal for fast and long-term live 3D imaging.  

This workshop, organized by The Crick Light Microscopy Facility and Luxendo (EMBL spin-off German company) will consist in 3 days of talks, discussions, light-sheet imaging, data exploration and social events.

Jointly hosted by the Crick and Luxendo

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The workshop is free and open to all Crick and non-Crick scientists.

It is a great occasion to

  1. get familiar with this technology and its many applications
  2. meet light-sheet experts and adventurous scientists
  3. put your hands (and favourite sample) on 3 different Luxendo light microscopes: InVi-SPIM, QuVi-SPIM, MuVi-SPIM (already installed at the Crick).

More info about these microscopes applications can be found on the Luxendo website.

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Workshop program

Don’t miss:

Wed 13th 10:15 – 11:00: External speaker presentation – Dr. Emmanuel G. Reynaud, University College Dublin: Light-Sheet Microscopy For The Masses


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