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Medicine at the Crick | Disease Evolution in the Human Past

Medicine at the Crick event series

These events showcase major advances in biomedical science.

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Our thirteenth Medicine at the Crick event will be hosted by Dr Pontus Skoglund (The Francis Crick Institute) and focus on how we can understand the evolution of disease in the human past. The event will explore human disease from two main perspectives: ancient DNA insights into the evolution of human pathogens, and how evolution has shaped the genetic basis of disease in human genomes today. We will discuss how insights from the ancient DNA record, fine-scale reconstruction of present-day genomic variation, and mechanistic understanding of biological processes can come together to form new understandings of disease. 

This will be a hybrid event with an in-person audience joined by others online. Register on Eventbrite and full joining details for all attendees will be sent in advance of the event.


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