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Medicine at the Crick Escaping the Antibiotic Apocalypse

Medicine at the Crick event series

These events showcase major advances in biomedical science.

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Our tenth Medicine at the Crick event will be hosted by Dr Luiz Pedro Carvalho (The Francis Crick Institute).

We are at a critical point in history, the so-called Antibiotic Apocalypse, where medicine is reverting to the pre-antibiotic era due to the global dissemination of multi-drug resistant bacteria. Even the most simple surgical procedures might lead to untreatable infections and death. The legacy of Ehrlich, Fleming, Chain, Florey, Waksman, Elion, Hitchings and many others is becoming obsolete. It is no longer a question of averting this scenario, but finding ways to escape from it. In his now famous review of antimicrobial resistance, Jim O’Neill predicted that 10 million lives will be lost yearly to antimicrobial resistance by 2050, with a cumulative US$ 100 trillion economic risk. This Medicine at the Crick event will cover a number of aspects of the rise in antibiotic resistance and ways to fight it.

This will be a hybrid event with an in-person audience joined by others online. Registration via Eventbrite will open in early September. 


Confirmed speakers

Jose Bengoechea

Prof Jose Bengoechea

Queen’s University Belfast

Melanie Blokesch

Prof Melanie Blokesch

Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)

Dame Sally Davies

Prof Dame Sally Davies

UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance’

Alison Holmes

Prof Alison Holmes

Imperial College London


Prof Craig MacLean

University of Oxford


Luiz Pedro Carvalho

Dr Luiz Pedro Carvalho

The Francis Crick Institute