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Meet Gunes

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Güneş normally studies how animals develop their ovaries, but recently she's been working on COVID-19 testing. This week, she's here answering your questions about her work and life in the lab.

Thanks for sending in your questions for Güneş! We've tried to answer as many as we could and you can check out the answers in Güneş's response video.

About Güneş

Other than science, how do you spend your time? 

I tend to spend my time running to high-tempo dance, house, or electro music, trying the signature dishes at as many London restaurants as I can, and tending to the every whim of my two cats! 

How does your research impact the average person? 

I’d say my research helps us understand ovaries and female fertility better. Also, what happens in patients with infertility, ovarian cancers and even intersex situations.

What’s the most surprising part of your job that people wouldn’t know about?

The most surprising part of my job is that I use chicken eggs to find out about humans!