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Meet Mariya

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Ever wondered how you see the world around you? Or which part of your brain it is that helps you to see? Meet Crick scientist and eye doctor Mariya who knows all about eyes and vision.

Thanks for sending in your questions for Mariya - check the video to hear her responses! 

About Mariya

Other than science, how do you spend your time? 

I'm an eye doctor working at Moorfields Eye Hospital and Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. I look after children who have rare eye diseases which lead to poor sight caused by changes in their genetic code. Outside of work, I love being with my family, looking after my pygmy goats and chickens and oil painting!

How does your research impact the average person? 

A lot of the diseases that I study occur in early pregnancy when the eye is growing. In order to fully understand how diseases affect the eye, we need to appreciate what happens in normal healthy individuals. By approaching our research in this way we can identify the differences and develop new treatments that may help people. 

What’s the most surprising part of your job that people wouldn’t know about?

I use zebrafish to study eye diseases in the lab as their genes are almost 70% similar to humans, so zebrafish can have the same diseases as us. Also, their eyes have a similar structure and they have great colour vision!