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Cut + Paste

Discover the building blocks of life

Coming soon

We weren't able to open this pop-up exhibition as planned back in March 2020, but watch this space for more information about visiting Cut + Paste.

Promo questions

If you could, would you edit your DNA?

To treat disease, or to enhance your body

Which diseases should we try to cure, and who decides?

Where would you draw the line?

We want to know.

Take part in Cut + Paste, our new pop-up exhibition exploring these big questions. We'll be starting conversations about genome editing, a technology that allows scientists to change DNA.

New tools are changing how science is done at places like the Crick, allowing researchers to explore how we grow and develop, to learn about disease and to understand and change the world around us. 

The technology raises many important questions for humanity, so everyone should have a chance to have their say.

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