Welcome to the Family Zone. We have tons of fun and inspiring science activities to keep your brains fizzing and your hands creating.

Get your family together to try our science activities and see what you can discover.

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  • Event name: Family Zone
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  • Entry type Best for families with primary school and early secondary school aged children
  • Location On our website, on social media and in your home!

Meet scientists intro

Meet our scientists

Crick scientists have been answering your questions about their research, life in the lab and anything else you wanted to ask them about.

Check out these videos of our scientists answering the questions you sent in, or head over to YouTube to see recordings of our live science shows from over the summer where we were talking about brains and viruses.

At home experiments

At home experiments

Get stuck into some science at home and start your own investigations!

At home experiments

Get crafty

Get crafty

Get hands on with some arty science projects!

  • Make clay blood cells

    Meet Crick malaria researcher Laura, learn about different blood cells and find out how to make clay to make your own blood cell crafts.

  • Make a star viewer

    Scientists at the Crick focus on finding patterns in very small things, but what about very big things? Learn about constellations, design your own and make a constellation viewer.

  • Make X-ray glasses

    Science can let us see the unseen, so make your own special glasses to reveal hidden images and even create secret messages.

  • Clay blood cells made as part of of Crick family science demo.
  • Make cell cupcakes

    Crick scientist and Bake Off star Yan is going to teach you how to make cupcakes and decorate them with all the different things inside our cells.

  • Make a thaumatrope

    Pronounced thor-ma-trope, these discs spin so fast your eyes and brain will see pictures that aren’t really there!

  • Make bubble art

    The glasswash team at the Crick know how useful soap can be for cleaning, and now you can use it to create art.

  • Cupcakes decorated to look like cells.

    Discover and draw

    Discover and draw

    Get your art equipment out for these art projects!

    In most cases, you should be able to download a pdf with all of the details.

    Under the scope webform

    Scientists at the Crick use microscopes to look at very, very small things.

    Can you figure out what's in these super close up photos taken by our electron microscopy team?

    Take a look under the microscope...

    And see if you can figure out what's in these pictures!

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