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Welcome to the Family Zone. We have tons of fun and inspiring science activities to keep your brains fizzing and your hands creating.

There are chances to try out crazy crafting, kitchen challenges and meet our brilliant scientists.

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Meet our scientists

Crick scientists have been on hand all summer to answer your questions about their research, life in the lab and anything else you want to ask them about.

Over the summer we had two live Q&A sessions streamed on YouTube and Facebook where people watching could ask their questions directly to our scientists.

But don't worry if you didn't make it to the livestreams! Check out the recorded livestreams and three more videos of scientists answering the questions you sent in over the summer below.

Meet a scientist videos

Under the microscope

Scientists at the Crick use microscopes to look at very, very small things.

Can you figure out what's in these super close up photos taken by our electron microscopy team?

Take a look under the microscope...

And see if you can figure out what's in these pictures!

At home experiments

Image of homemade tool being used to do mark making

Make your own tools

Scientists at the Crick sometimes have to make their own equipment - can you figure out how to make the tools you'll need to paint what you might see under the microscope?

Home made lava lamp made with oil and baking powder.

Make a lava lamp

Explore different liquids, densities and a fun chemical reaction in this quick and simple activity that will just need a couple ingredients from your kitchen!

Experiments at the Crick's public family fun day.

Create chemical reactions

Use chemicals you probably already have in your kitchen to blow up a balloon and create an invisible figure extinguisher using the power of chemical reactions!

Fruit pastilles.

Take the taste bud challenge

Can you tell the difference between different flavours of sweets? What about when the only sense you can use is taste? Have a go and see if you do better than the team at the Crick!

Get crafty

Clay blood cells made as part of of Crick family science demo.

Make clay blood cells

Meet Crick malaria researcher Laura, learn about different blood cells and find out how to make clay to make your own blood cell crafts.

Cupcakes decorated to look like cells.

Make cell cupcakes

Crick scientist and Bake Off star Yan is going to teach you how to make cupcakes and decorate them with all the different things inside our cells.

Hands painting stars on a cardboard tube covered in glittery wrapping paper.

Make a star viewer

Scientists at the Crick focus on finding patterns in very small things, but what about very big things? Learn about constellations, design your own and make a constellation viewer.

Discover and draw

A scientist looking in a microscope

Decode the hidden messages

Use your code-cracking skills to figure out what the secret messages say, and find out how our bodies have their own code-cracking skills.

Hand holding a phone with a science scavenger hunt on the screen.

Go on a science scavenger hunt

Download our scavenger hunt sheet to a phone and see if you can fill in all the boxes next time you head outside. Make sure you take pictures or draw what you find!

Science paper toy at the Crick's discovery day.

Make a science snapper

Download and print off our template for making your own science snapper, and learn some fun facts about the Crick and our scientists!

A section of a small intestine infected with Cryptosporidium parasites.

Draw under the microscope

We use microscopes at the Crick to look at very, very tiny things. Print off this colouring sheet to draw what you think you might see if you look under the microscope.

Flies in a test tube.

Colour in your own modified flies

Scientists at the Crick use tools and techniques to modify the DNA of flies. Print out the colouring sheet and have a go at designing your own fly!

Glassware in the Crick's glasswash facility.

Decorate some glassware

The team of glass washers at the Crick wash nearly a million pieces of equipment every year. Download and print out our colouring sheet to design your own scientific kit.


Close up image of red blood cells and one white blood cell.

Colour in blood cells

Bryony in our exhibitions team designed this blood cell colouring sheet to download and print.

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