Yellow background with scientific shapes (DNA, microscope, magnet etc)

Take a tour outside the Crick


Whether you live near the Crick, or miles away - have a go at our activity trail and see what you can spot outside our building!

Can you come and see us in person?

Have a go at our activity trail that takes you around the Crick and our neighbours. There are quiz questions and challenges for you to try!

Download the trail (PDF)

Or would you prefer to visit us virtually?

You can still have a go at our activity trail - here on our website! Use Google Street View to discover some facts about the Crick.

Let's go

Can you answer our five questions?

Use Google Street View to investigate our building and find the clues you need to answer the questions!

There are almost 100 different labs at the Crick! Each of them is home to a group of scientists and almost everything they need to do their research.

1. How many floors with labs and equipment do you think we have at the Crick?

You got it!

Even though you can only see five rows of windows, we actually have eight floors above ground - and four below! 

Not quite!

This one was a bit of a trick question - there are actually eight whole floors above ground, and four more below ground!


Try our bonus question!

A drop of hope is our poetry rainbow outside the Crick. The poems were written by poets after they spoke to people who got their COVID-19 vaccine here.

Can you find out which languages these poems are written in?


Poem one

Pause to reflect

Poem two

Section of a poem in Bengali

Poem three

A section of a poem in Somali