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Make a science snapper

Keep boredom at bay with our snappy science facts!  

What you'll need

What you'll need

Print out and fold up your science snapper!

There are instructions on the worksheet.

Science paper toy at the Crick's discovery day.



  • Step 1

    Once you’ve folded your science snapper (see the instructions on the worksheet) you’re ready to play!

  • Step 2

    Start with the snapper closed.

  • Step 3

    Ask your partner to choose a colour – then spell out the colour, opening the snapper in opposite directions for each letter.

  • Step 4

    Then ask them to choose one of the numbers shown – count to the number they have chosen, again opening the snapper in opposite directions for each number.

  • Step 5

    Ask them to choose a second number – open the snapper and wow them with the science fact behind the number!

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