A phone being used in an experiment at a public event at the Crick.

Meet a scientist virtually


Our Meet a Scientist sessions normally take place in person in our gallery. While the Crick is closed to visitors, we've moved the events online and run them through our Instagram account most weeks and sometimes on our website.

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What's life in the lab really like?

Crick scientists are taking to Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes insights into daily life as a research scientist, how they got to where they are today, and the big research questions that get them out of bed in the morning.

Bring your curiosity, submit a question and tune in over on our Instagram account when we’ll be posting a selection of questions and responses. 

Upcoming sessions

  • Thursday 9 April

    Hear from virologist Gen Barr about her life in the lab, her work on retroviruses like HIV, and her new role as part of the Crick's coronavirus testing team.

  • Friday 17 April

    Meet PhD student Deniz Pirincci Ercan and learn more about her work with yeast cells. 

  • Wednesday 29 April

    For the International Day of Immunology, chat to postdoc Duncan McKenzie about his work on the immune system.

  • Tuesday 12 May

    Send in your questions for HIV researcher and Crick postdoc Ross Hall, and tune in on Friday to hear Ross's answers.

  • Monday 18 May

    Cristina Dix in the Crick's Making Lab will be taking your questions on her work, and the team's new role creating PPE for local hospitals. Tune in on Thursday to hear Cristina's answers.

  • Tuesday 26 May

    As part of the Crick's Discovery Week of family activities, chat to postdoc Steinar Halldorsson about his work on viruses.

  • Thursday 25 June

    Meet viral immunologist and Crick Pride coordinator Kevin Ng and ask your questions about celebrating Pride inside and his current work studying our body's response to a coronavirus infection. 

  • Monday 6 July

    Ask PhD student Laabiah Wasim anything about her work on cancer using the gene-editing tool CRISPR, working at home during lockdown and her return to the lab. Tune in on Friday 10 July to hear her answers!

  • Monday 13 July

    Send in your questions for lab scientist Tony Fearns and find out about his research looking at how tuberculosis infects our cells, and how he's now using his skills from working with TB to train the team of volunteers at the Crick testing samples for coronavirus.