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We're taking a break! Meet a Scientist will be back, but while you're here - why not catch up on some of our previous Q&As?

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Our Meet a Scientist sessions normally take place in person in our gallery. While the Crick is closed to visitors, we've moved the events online and run them through our Instagram account.


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  • We're taking a break!

    Meet a Scientist will be back, but while you're here - why not catch up on some of our previous Q&As?

Crick scientists are taking to Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes insights into daily life as a research scientist, how they got to where they are today, and the big research questions that get them out of bed in the morning.

Bring your curiosity, submit a question and tune in over on our Instagram account when we’ll be posting a selection of questions and responses. 

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Past sessions

  • Monday 18 January

    Vicki Shone shows us some amazing photos she's taken through a microscope, including as a quiz, and tells us about her work helping other scientists to study tumours.
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  • Monday 11 January

    Leticia Monin Aldama shares her research on how the body responds to infection and cancer, and her recent work on COVID-19.
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  • Monday 14 December

    Watch Alessandra Ferrelli talk about her work studying blood cancer.
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  • Monday 30 November

    Come and hear Berta Terre Torras about her work studying the brain, her favourite part of her job, and what cells 'eat'!
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  • Monday 23 November

    Alessandro Ciccarelli tells us about his work using microscopes to help other Crick scientists with their research.
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  • Monday 16 November

    Hear postdoc Ashley Libby talk about her work on spinal cord development and using chickens in her research.
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  • Monday 9 November

    Final year PhD student Jack Major tells us about his research on how the lungs repair after viral infections, and his hopes for future COVID-19 vaccines.
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  • Monday 19 October

    Hear laboratory research scientist Thomas Martinez talk about his work at the Crick's cell services, preparing antibodies and other cells to be used for research.
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  • Monday 5 October

    Post doc Aśka Przewrocka told us about her work on genes and her different career path which led her to research at the Crick!
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  • Monday 28 September

    Hear from PhD student Fernanda Subtil about her work on understanding antibiotic resistance in tuberculosis and coming back into the lab after lockdown.
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  • Monday 21 September

    Crick PhD student, Maryam Rahim, was on hand to answer all your questions about the “second brain” – the system of cells that controls your gut.
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  • Thursday 27 August

    A special family-focussed edition with virus researcher Aaron Ferron and BBC presenter Greg Foot, answering your questions about coronavirus testing at the Crick.
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  • Wednesday 19 August

    Mariya Moosajee is a scientist and an eye doctor. She answered questions from families all about how eyes work and how we see the world around us.
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  • Thursday 13 August

    A special family-focussed edition with Crick scientist Jasmine Harley and BBC presenter Greg Foot. Join in on the games and puzzles to learn more about your brain.
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  • Friday 7 August

    Pooja Swali works on detecting bugs and bacteria in ancient skeletons and she answered questions from families about her work.
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  • Friday 31 July

    Developmental biologist Güneş answered questions sent in by families as part of our Family Zone.
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  • Monday 13 July

    We heard from lab scientist Tony Fearns about his research looking at how tuberculosis infects our cells, and how he's now training the team of volunteers at the Crick testing samples for coronavirus.
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  • Monday 6 July

    Hear from PhD student Laabiah Wasim about her work on cancer using the gene-editing tool CRISPR and her return to the lab.
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  • Thursday 25 June

    We met viral immunologist and Crick Pride coordinator Kevin Ng to talk about Pride during lockdown his new work on coronavirus.
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  • Tuesday 26 May

    As part of the Crick's Discovery Week of family activities, chat to postdoc Steinar Halldorsson about his work on viruses.
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  • Monday 18 May

    Cristina Dix in the Crick's Making Lab answered your questions on her work, and the team's new role creating PPE for local hospitals.
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  • Tuesday 12 May

    You sent in your for HIV researcher and Crick postdoc Ross Hall about working with viruses and life during lockdown.
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  • Wednesday 29 April

    For the International Day of Immunology, we chatted to postdoc Duncan McKenzie about his work on the immune system.
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  • Friday 17 April

    We met PhD student Deniz Pirincci Ercan and learnt more about her work with yeast cells. 
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  • Thursday 9 April

    We heard from virologist Gen Barr about her life in the lab, her work on retroviruses like HIV, and her new role as part of the Crick's coronavirus testing team.
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  • Thursday 26 March

    Master's student Lizzie Horton from our World Influenza Centre answered your questions about vaccines, flu and how viruses spread.
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