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Cells are built from biological macromolecules. These macromolecules come together in dynamic assemblies that form all cellular constituents and execute a plethora of intricate functions.

They also form the control networks that orchestrate cell behaviour. Human disorders are invariably caused by changes in how biological macromolecules are encoded, or how they function in cells.

The Genes to Cells Interest Group studies the principles by which molecules give rise to cellular function. The group uses diverse methodologies, ranging from atomic structures, biochemistry and molecular genetics to the direct observation of subcellular and cellular behaviour. Our experimental systems range from bacteria to humans. Current areas of interest include molecular mechanisms of genome maintenance, gene expression and protein biogenesis, as well as the cell biology of cell division, cytoskeletal, organelle and membrane function.

Our wide-ranging expertise provides a holistic view of molecular cell biology, thereby accelerating scientific discovery and clinical translation opportunities. We collaborate extensively and across research disciplines, delivering profound insight and high-profile research outputs. We inspire and engage the public by sharing our fascination of molecules and cells, the building blocks of all life.

By offering a rigorous training programme and a stimulating seminar series that showcases experts in our field, we foster future science leaders. Our aspiration is to contribute to understanding of the living world and to lasting benefits for human health.