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The Challenges Preventing Cancer Cure

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  • Start time: 08:30 End time: - 17:00
  • Event Location: The Francis Crick Institute
  • Event Type: Symposia

Why is it so hard to turn fundamental scientific knowledge into effective cures and how can we do this better in the future? A British Association for Cancer Research Conference in association with the Royal Society of Medicine.

Whilst there is general enthusiasm for recent developments in cancer medicine guided by analysis of an individual cancer patient's genomic alterations (“personalised medicine”) and for the use of immunotherapies for some cancers, there are major questions regarding the efficacy of novel therapies, their cost and whether they significantly impact on the survival of the majority of patients. This conference sets out to address these questions, with presentations both by advocates of current therapeutic approaches and those who consider that different or additional directions are necessary.Presentations will be made by clinician scientists, leading members of the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare analysts, and medicines agencies.

Six headline sessions across two and a half days culminate in a panel discussion  “Cancer Medicine in 2030 and Beyond – How to Get Ready”