thanks to Pippa Hawes @The Pirbright Institute

: Imaging SARS-COV-2 safely: Protecting the microscopy community

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The webinar brought together expert pathologists, microscopists and virologists who are studying inactivation of virus in cells and tissues for safe handling, imaging the cell biology of viruses and handling virus-infected human tissues.

Invited speakers gave short talks sharing their expertise, followed by a Q&A session to answer questions from the microscopy community.

As the SARS-COV-2 pandemic progresses, scientific focus will gradually shift from frontline testing and tracking capability to studying the fundamental cell biology of the virus and clinical progression of virus infection in human tissues.

Imaging virus-infected cells and tissues with light, electron and X-ray microscopes will play a critical role in understanding the pathogen and in designing future vaccines and therapies.

In this context, it is likely that research and diagnostic imaging facilities will soon face requests from researchers and clinicians to handle virus-infected samples.

It is therefore critical that we understand how to safely handle these samples, and ensure that we protect the UK microscopy community from lab-acquired infections.

Recording timings

  • 00:00 -06:00

    Introduction and webinar etiquette
    Lucy Collinson (Francis Crick Institute)

  • 06:00 - 27:45

    Looking Covid in the eye: a perspective from an NHS histopathologist 
    Dr Emyr Wyn Benbow (University of Manchester/Manchester Royal Infirmary)

  • 30:30 - 49:45

    Virus inactivation for imaging: How to get images of SARS-CoV-2 without endangering yourself or the community
    Dr Matthew Hannah (Public Health England)

  • 52:00 - 1:15:20

    Imaging viruses in high containment research labs
    Professor Pippa Hawes (The Pirbright Institute)

  • 1:18:00 - 1:40:30

    Understanding coronavirus replication organelles 
    Dr Helena Maier (The Pirbright Institute)

  • 1:42:45 - 2:03:00

    The virologist's toolbox: An overview of methods to manipulate RNA viruses and cells for imaging
    Dr Rachel Ulferts (Francis Crick Institute)

  • 2:05:30 - 2:56:00

    Panel discussion and Q&A